Hottest trend in 2016 home décor - Scandinavian.

2016 home decor

What’s with Scandinavian décor style that has captivated everyone’s imagination?

Have the old Norsk gods put a spell on the entire planet?

Perhaps! But what’s undeniably true is that Scandinavians seem to get everything exactly right all the time - from home décor to delicious pastries, affordable furniture, and even wacky music festivals!  

When it comes to home décor style, though, the astounding Nordic success has much less to do with magic and enchantment than with following a very simple principle to the tee.

Affordable kids room decorating ideas from the stylists at Moochi Boo



It’s not going to make the teensiest difference!

Trust us!

Your child is going to love you as much whether you invest thousands of dollars on the fanciest of kids’ room décor or whether you go for budget-friendlier options.

In fact, all it really takes to make those little eyes sparkle with joy is a good dose of creativity and fun!

So, when you feel like it’s time to spruce your child’s bedroom, don’t break the bank!

Instead, think a new coat of paint, bright new window treatments, fun wall stickers, colourful wallpapers, and some of the very playful ideas you’ll find at Moochi Boo.

Need some inspiration?

5 accessories to transform your kids’ bedroom decor from DRAB to WOW

kids bedroom decor

My room is not cool, mum! I want a cool room!

Has your child ever said something along these lines after returning home from a sleepover at Oliver’s (whose parents, by the way, spend a small fortune on their kid’s bedroom décor)?


That’s the power of the ‘Coolness Factor’ talking. ‘CF’ for short.

There’s a whole science about what makes something cool (believe it or not).

Let their imaginations fly with the ‘Crème de la Crème’ of kids’ playhouses


Remember that old playhouse you used to build when you were little? A couple of brooms, a few bedsheets, whatever else you could find in mum’s linen cabinet, and voilà, hours of fun!

When it comes to kids’ playhouses, we all have a story to tell, don’t we?! (come on, admit it! 

February 18, 2016 by Cassie Andrew

Can your daughter’s bedroom décor inspire her creativity?









Don’t you just love that Eureka moment in your daughter’s eyes as she looks at that simple string of yarn?

It’s wonderful! You never know what’s going to come out of it! It could be an impenetrable fortress, a colourful rainbow or a friendly octopus!

Who knows?!

Kids have a natural capacity to innovate and create. Give her imagination a little push with the right room décor, activities and incentives and the sky is the limit!

How to create a kids’ bedroom your daughter will never grow out of

happylittletenent kids bedroom decor








One look- that’s all it took for you to know that what you wanted the most in this world was for your little cutie to live in a happy, healthy and beautiful environment, right?

And somehow, without really thinking about it, you become all about kids’ room décor!

Wallpaper with adorable animals, stickers with flowers and stars, little mobiles with felt planets… you name it – your bundle of joy had to have it!

Monochrome love is here to stay! - Our guide on extending that stylish monochrome look into your kids’ bedroom décor.

kids room decor     








Monochrome décor has been trending for a while now and it’s not showing any signs of fading away anytime soon. Its classic, crisp and minimalist feel appeals to a myriad of people seeking a modern décor scheme in their own homes.

5 Ways To Add A Little Christmas Sparkle to Your Kid’s Bedroom Décor

Christmas Garlands

Here at Moochi Boo we absolutely love Christmas.

It truly is a special time of year that allows us all to feel like little kids again.

I don’t know about you but this time of year childhood memories just flood back as if it were yesterday.

Remember that feeling on Christmas Eve, being far too excited to sleep? Wondering if Father Christmas would leave something special under the tree? Was I on the good list or the naughty list?
December 14, 2015 by Cassie Andrew

How to use felt animal heads in your kids’ bedroom décor design

felt animal heads








Do you adore the current trend in felt animal heads but don’t know how they would work in your kids’ bedroom?

You are not alone.

We are always being asked how to incorporate these fashionable kid’s décor pieces into a real child’s room.

November 27, 2015 by Cassie Andrew

Create, Dream, Inspire – kids’ bedroom décor ideas that will allow their imaginations to run wild

themed kids bedroom decor     







Do you adore kid’s bedrooms and all the wonderful furniture and decor that goes into them as much as we do?

Do you see it as not just another room but a space to create memories, encourage free play, learning and stimulate sweet dreams?

Decorating this multi-functional magical space can be a challenge most people shy away from for fear of getting it wrong.