Here at Moochi Boo we take the extra care in making sure our customers details and payment information is safe and secure.

We offer three payment methods...


Pay By Credit Card

When a customers pays via Credit Card on our website, we don't see or receive their financial information at all!

All info bypasses our site servers and  goes straight to Eway our chosen payment gateway provider, it is then sent to their underwriter the National Australia Bank (NAB) to be approved. Once approved we receive a notification that the funds have cleared and we then move to pack and ship the items asap!

Eway and the NAB are both multinational financial institutions that invest heavily in online data security and encryption, so rest assured all information is made as secure as possible.

Eway and NAB are tier-one PCI DSS compliant, a international security standard set by Visa and MasterCard, they are externally audited ensuring the highest security.

PCI DSS compliance isn't always achieved by online retailers, as some use cheaper "Payment Gateways" that do allow a consumers info to pass through the retailers website, thus opening up the possibility for hackers to gain information, this is simply unacceptable to us at Moochi Boo, thus why we take great care in understanding the process of "Payment Gateways", their differences, and finally choosing the best by employing Eway and their underwriter the NAB to handle our "Credit Card" payments.


Pay By Paypal

A handy way to pay for online transactions, this option costs us a bit more per transaction so we prefer customers to use the "Pay By Credit Card" option on our website instead.

Paypal was the first company to give consumers security with online purchases using their credit cards. Nowadays the professional online retail stores, such as ours, focus on giving consumers the same peace of mind with all the security available for credit card and personal information, that it's no longer necessary to only use Paypal, but to consider using our "Pay By Credit Card" option instead, as per above description, this is as much if not more safer option than Paypal, plus the fee's are alot less which helps us keep the prices of our products lower for our future customers!


Pay by Bank Deposit (EFT)

For the customers that don't have credit cards this is the option for you. Once at checkout you are able to choose the "Bank Deposit" option and place your order, you will then be provided with your order details and our bank account details for you to make the bank deposit as you wish, you will also have the option to print out a receipt for the order.